My Own Myth

My own Myth starts like this: Zeus was the god of the sky, including LIGHTNING. Zeus loved to zap people when he didn’tlike them. So, one day some idiot genius designed a hat that a person could where and not be harmed by lightning. This angered Zeus incredibly. However, the man who invented this died almost immediately after he manufactured his hats. So, Zeus was satisfied because he didn’t have to kill him after all. Years passed before anyone found the hats until one day some lucky American patriot stumbled across them. This man hid the hats and used the hat technology for his own invention on buildings. Surprisingly this pleased Zeus because now he didn’t have to call his brother Poseidon every time he caused unwanted damage. This is how the lightning rod was invented.

Mi Dia

Me desperté una mañana y estaba muy cansado. Entonces, me metí en la ducha, una vez que yo me vestí y procceded a breakfast.Next, después de esperar 12 años para mi hermana para estar listo he rodado a la escuela. Entonces, llegué a clase de la Srta. Seeley, donde fue concebido este blog terrible. The END.

Nelson Vs. Martin Luther

boston tea party

boston tea party

Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr’s great words spoken relate to each other in several ways, but they are different as well.

There are many similarities and differences between Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr’s speeches. They both used an incredible vocabulary and were spoken and written from the from their inner most feelings. Both men fought for what they believed in, and they didn’t give up no matter what the cost, including death and jailtime for many years. Also, both of the two fought for their races because they thought that everyone deserved to be treated equally. There were also a number of differences between Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr’s journeys. Nelson Mandela fought for people’s rights in South Africa while Dr. King fought for african american’s rights in the United States. And in the end Mandela ended up becoming the president while Martin Luther King Jr. ended up fighting for african american’s rights until he was assinated.
I think the poem invictus was important for Mandela because it talks about how no matter what the consequence you don’t give up and that was perfect for Mandela, since he spent of 28 years in prison and then becoming president of the country. There are numerous reasons why Invictus was used as the title of the movie. One would be that its a cool name, another would be that the story of South Africa relates a lot to the poem Invictus, and finally there is the journey of the rugby team and how they are inspired to win the world cup.
In my opinion, the qualities of a hero consist of someone who has determination,someone who shows great amounts of courage,someone whos shows loyalty,someone who is selfless,and someone who shows enormous accounts of bravery.
When I think of a modern day hero I think of a fireman. Some qualities that make him a hero are charging into a burning buidling because he/she thinks there might be in there.

chapters 10-END

Watson and holmes go into further investigation and find find out that Sir Stapelton controls the hound and can enforce its actions. After a confession from Mrs. Lyons the two confirm that stapleton killed Sir Charles.After Sir Henry has dinner with the stapletons he is chased by the hound in which Sir Stapelton had released. But Holmes, Watson, and Lestrade are waiting for the hound they persue it and shoot it to death. They quickly run to the Stapleton house and are not surprised when Sir Stapleton is not there, but find Mrs. Stapleton tied up in an enclosed room. After they untie her she explains that he has retreated to an abandoned mine. They make plans to go early the next day. Once there, they find signs that someone was there but do not find Sir Stapleton or any remains of him. So he is assumed to have fallen in the pit and died.

Notes: I do recomend this book to others because of all the thrilling and detailed twists in the story. I personally loved the book “The Hound of the Baskervilles.”


In the morning it was definitely not cheerful on account of the woman sobbing the night before. So Watson left the hall for a walk. While on his way back he encounters a man. He talks briefly with the man known as Mr. Stapleton, and then continues his walk back to Baskerville hall.
In the first letter written to Holmes, Watson states the status of the escaped convict. Later in the day Sir Stapleton comes to the hall with his sister to meet Sir Henry. That night Watson hears Mr. Barrymore down the hall. He lights candle and then holds it in front of a window for about a minute then blows it out and returns from where he came from. The next morning Watson and Sir Henry make plans on the situation.

Chapters 3-6

When Watson returns, having spent the day at his club, Holmes has filled the apartment with tobacco smoke from his clay pipe while he was looking over a large map of Devonshire. He says there are two questions to be answered-was there a crime committed, and, if so, what was it and how was it done? He has already come to the conclusion that Sir Charles was waiting for someone at the gate when he saw something so frightening across the moor that it drove him to run away from the house until his heart gave out. Later they arrive at baskeville hall and get settled in.In the night watson hears a woman crying.

chapter1 and2

In the early hours of a day in 1889, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson awake to discover that a visitor had been to their apartment the previous night but left before seeing either man. However, he left behind a walking stick. This allows the two to begin making some deductions about his character and occupation using Holmes’s methods. They soon find out that the man’s name is Dr. Mortimer.
Sir Charles Baskerville has died three months previous, leaving a manuscript with his friend and doctor, James Mortimer. Holmes dates it at 1730; its actual date is 1742, and it was written down by a Hugo Baskerville (not the same one that committed the soon-to-be-discussed crime) from an oral family legend. He intends the paper to be a warning to those in the Baskerville line to watch their temperament and beware of the moor in the dark. Mortimer reads it to Holmes and Watson, which tells of the fate of the wicked Hugo. Holmes is at first not interestad by the story until Mortimer reads a recent article on how Sir Charles’s body was discovered.